A simple spinner designed by Nick Robinson

Class on the history of paperfolding

I gave this class twice in Buenos Aires last year. One was in November 2015, at Origamiteca, a small and delightful shop with a workshop attached  and the second one in December 2015 in Daiwa, a Japanese center. Eleven people attended the course at Origamiteca and 18 at Daiwa. It is an amazing number of […]

Pythagoras Tree

Fransesco Mancini designed an origami version of this simple yet effective model and taught it in a school. Nick Robinson adapted it to “A” rectangles and also taught it in school. More details on wikipedia

Erwin Hapke – lone folder

Read the amazing story of Erwin Hapke, who lived alone for 40 years and created thousands of folded models from paper and metal. He arranged them in his house in Unna, Germany as in a museum. Only now, after his death, his art has been discovered. Thanks to Coral Romà for sharing this story.

Lanesfield School December 2015

John Farrell has been doing amazing work for the past few years with his students at Lanesfield School in Wolverhampton. He has started an origami club and the work they are producing is amazing! He writes: I invited Nick Robinson down to our school to do some folding with the children. The book he donated […]

Pajarita painting

Seen in Sotheby’s auction house: “A young girl with origami birds” by the french painter Étienne-Adolphe Piot [1850-1910], 52.1 x 39.4 cm (20.51″ x 15.51″) – estimated value 60 – 80,000 dollars.

Amazing folding from 1866

Joan has found this example of work by Laurent Sui, a Chinese man living in Paris in the 1860s – quite beautiful! feel free to discuss here Can you reverse-engineer it??