The second day of the Zhen Xian Bao conference in Rotterdam. Main subjects: China travel experience, Zhen Xian Bao variations, concepts and embroidery. Renée Brilleman presented her travel experience in Guizhou and the local paper making factory, Paula Versnick presented her non glued alternative to Zhen Xian Bao. Joan Sallas explained about the Chinese folding history in relation to Zhen Xian Bao.

Ien Rappoldt talked about forgotten stitches and wearable folds in the minorities costumes from southwest China. An exhibition about North and South Chinese Zhen Xian Bao, Chinese Froebelian books and embroidery. Alongside this were the practice workshops and the theory conferences. Dennis Boom from Rijnmond Radio, Rotterdam interviewed Marieke de Hoop.