So what are “didactics”, you ask? It’s the theory and practical application of teaching and learning. Like all members of our team, most people fold for recreational purposes, but we also believe that paper folding can have an important place in education, as well as research, health and other areas. Our group aims to promote this wider use of folding, as well as studying the documentation and history of the art.

The aim of this site is to draw together information from the different folding didactic groups around the world and to provide a place to share resources.

We have already run two events this year and are working on more, please support us, if you can. We welcome donations which are used to fund the work we do – we are all volunteers.

Our next event is in Badalona 24-26 November 2023 / 24-26 novembre 2023. To register, please complete this form.

We also have an online conference on December 2nd.