APLEC 2023 – Online Conference of Folding Didactics

2 December 2023 

We are delighted to announce our next online conference dedicated to the didactics of folding. The classes will be about designs suitable for teaching and so are highly recommended to teachers, therapists and others who use folding within their occupations. We recommend anyone under 16 has an adult with them, to help with the folding and discussion.

All funds will be used to help  towards the cost of bringing Ukrainian teachers to our recent physical conference in Badalona. We ask for a donation and suggest £5/$5/€5 as a minimum.

Videos of all classes will be made available to those who have registered.


Joan Sallas – How to teach a valley fold
Workshop conference about the didactic and topographic aspects of the valley fold in the folding classroom with all the difficulties to overcome that every teacher have to know before start to teach.

Nick Robinson – The Rhombus, Envelopes and root 3 rectangles
Envelopes may be part of a system of communication that is in decline, but they are unlikely to disappear completely! As well as being ideal origami models to teach to beginners, they can be used to store things and to give containing gifts. They can also be used to illustrate and explore geometry. In this class, we’ll talk about the rhombus and the 1:root3 rectangle.

During the class, you will learn Nick’s “Rombus Envelope” and look at how the folding sequence can be adapted depending what students wish to investigate. The class is suitable for origami beginners as well as those without mathematical skills.

Carmen Sprung – Discovering the magic of isosceles triangles
Starting with squares and circles we fold isosceles triangles with different angles for creating tetrahedrons with different shapes. Similarity of triangles can be explained easily by folding.

Lee Armstrong – Wet folded Origami
Wet folding is often seen as an advanced origami technique, but anyone can learn. It allows us to focus on aspects of paper folding art that we don’t teach so often – looking, feeling, using our hands, and being creative and expressive. We will learn how wet folding works, what it is good for, and fold a model, because the only way to learn it is to do it. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced folders.

Michael LaFosse – Stingray
A new, Intermediate-level origami design by Michael LaFosse. We shall dry-fold our papers for this lesson, but this model is ideal for wet-folding too.

Gacharná Ramírez, Gerardo – Making origami teaching participative
Teaching origami tends to be a very mechanical and standard process, the teacher explains each step and the students try to follow, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. During the workshop, you’ll experience first hand a participative approach to teaching origami and, if time allows it, we’ll discuss different tips that can help with the process.