Lycée Français in Barcelona

Since last october I accorded with my 6-8 years old pupils in the weekly origami class in the Lycée Français in Barcelona, that at the

Origami in the Food Chain

or, Integrating Origami in Lesson planning Our children love origami, and as school librarian in South Africa, I foster that love wherever possible. In addition


A simple spinner designed by Nick Robinson

Pythagoras Tree

Fransesco Mancini designed an origami version of this simple yet effective model and taught it in a school. Nick Robinson adapted it to “A” rectangles

Erwin Hapke – lone folder

Read the amazing story of Erwin Hapke, who lived alone for 40 years and created thousands of folded models from paper and metal. He arranged

Pajarita painting

Seen in Sotheby’s auction house: “A young girl with origami birds” by the french painter Étienne-Adolphe Piot [1850-1910], 52.1 x 39.4 cm (20.51″ x 15.51″)

Amazing folding from 1866

Joan has found this example of work by Laurent Sui, a Chinese man living in Paris in the 1860s – quite beautiful! feel free to

Froebelian school booklet

An old froebelian German school booklet under the title “Kinderbeschäftigung” (children occupations), with 30 pages about learning paper folding. It was made 1940 by Maria