Class on the history of paperfolding

I gave this class twice in Buenos Aires last year. One was in November 2015, at Origamiteca, a small and delightful shop with a workshop attached  and the second one in December 2015 in Daiwa, a Japanese center. Eleven people attended the course at Origamiteca and 18 at Daiwa. It is an amazing number of […]

Pajarita painting

Seen in Sotheby’s auction house: “A young girl with origami birds” by the french painter Étienne-Adolphe Piot [1850-1910], 52.1 x 39.4 cm (20.51″ x 15.51″) – estimated value 60 – 80,000 dollars.

Amazing folding from 1866

Joan has found this example of work by Laurent Sui, a Chinese man living in Paris in the 1860s – quite beautiful! feel free to discuss here Can you reverse-engineer it??