Hubert Freudenberger RIP

We are truly sorry to hear of that Hubert Freudenberger has passed away aged 67. A regular at Didactics conferences with his paper shop, he recently made generous donations to Ukrainian folders. Our sympathy goes to his family. On Monday 22nd May 2023 at 7pm (CEST) we will meet online to pay homage our friend […]

When folding means really creativity

  Hanna is one of the folding pupils in the French school in Barcelona. She created a simply face and today she teach it to the other pupils. Here are the results. These are the best of children’s own letter-fold models in the French school in Barcelona: folding instructions, good memory and a trained teacher […]

Lycée Français in Barcelona

Since last october I accorded with my 6-8 years old pupils in the weekly origami class in the Lycée Français in Barcelona, that at the begin of each class, one pupil will show a model to the other pupils. Children love frequently the role of the teacher, much more than the teacher love the role […]

Erwin Hapke – lone folder

Read the amazing story of Erwin Hapke, who lived alone for 40 years and created thousands of folded models from paper and metal. He arranged them in his house in Unna, Germany as in a museum. Only now, after his death, his art has been discovered. Thanks to Coral Romà for sharing this story.