Folding For Ukraine (online)

29th January 2023

This online event is to promote and help raise funds for the conference FALTIK 17-19th March 2023 (in Freiburg), where our special guest country will be Ukraine

We plan to offer  6 online classes during the day, plus a presentation from some young Ukrainian folders and Teachers with whom we have been working.

All times shown will be in Ukrainian time, GMT+2  EEST+1 (Eastern European Standard Time)



Michael LaFosse
Dim Sum Bun

Learn to fold this charming origami bunny, designed by Michael G. LaFosse for the “Year of the Rabbit,” 2023!  Intermediate Level (includes inside-reverse folds, swivel squashing, and a crimp.)

We shall dry-fold this model in the lesson, but Michael will advise about wet-folding should you wish to try it again on your own. Michael will briefly share a story of how he came to design this model. (It’s a story of an eight-year-old’s disappointment and heartbreak that would lead to serendipity and success decades later.)

Requirements: Paper: A square at least 15 cm. The paper can be colored the same or different on each side.

Lee Armstrong
Creative building with simple modules

We will learn a simple unit, and encourage creative folding and problem solving by making different models. The class is interactive and students are encouraged to experiment with their own ideas and share them with the group. Often when we teach paper folding students try to follow the teacher and there is little scope for their own ideas. In this class our aim is to give students a simple, versatile little model and inspire original works of art.

Requirements: Paper required: at least 12 small (7.5cm is ideal) squares of origami paper, copy paper, or (ideally) thin card.

Joan Sallas
1001 tricks (for folding paper)
Lizzie Burns
Discovering origami: folding in hospital

Dr. Lizzie Burns is a science-based artist and creative specialist, also a visiting academic in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford. Following a doctorate and research fellowship in cancer research at the University of Oxford, Lizzie has been working as a “science-based artist” since 2002 using origami to explore the beauty and wonder of life.

Requirements: 15 x 15 cm colourful paper / 10.5 x 29.6 cm green paper – vertically cut A4 / Pencil, scissors and PVA glue (!)

Paul Jackson
Traffic Jam of Minimal Vehicles

Four very simple 1-piece vehicles, all made in a similar way. They take a ‘theme and variation’ approach to creativity, building idea on idea, technique on technique in a series of designs that are increasingly sophisticated, but still minimalistic.

Requirements: You will need at least four squares of regular kami, more if you want to experiment yourself.

Nick Robinson
Origami Reptiles

In the field of geometry, a rep-tile or reptile is a (tessellating) shape that can be dissected into smaller copies of the same shape. The term was coined as a pun on animal reptiles by the America n mathematician Solomon W. Golomb, who used it to describe self-replicating tilings. This subject has several areas that can be investigated using origami.

Requirements: 10+ squares 10 – 15cms

Ukrainian teachers

Here are some Ukrainian teachers working during the war who will participate in this event.