Papers from workshops

Here are some of the classes taught during previous Didactic events, in PDF format

2017 Origami Fractals – Wojciech Burczyk
2017 Homoludens (English) Nele Hatoum
2017 Homoludens (Deutsch) Nele Hatoum
2017 Arbeitsmaterialien (English) Nele Hatoum
2017 Arbeitsmaterialien (Deutsch) Nele Hatoum
2016 Christmas tree display box
2016 Die Japanische Zauberblume
2016 The Japanese magic flower
2016 The silver rectangle
2016 Vortex
2016 Bookmarks – Nick Robinson

Italian classes at Badalona & Freiburg 2015
Didactic Experience with origami and maths – Costanza Gheri
Experience of folding in the primary school – Antonella Graniero
Geometric Models and Bees – Roberto Gretter
Inclusion of a regular tetrahedron in a cube – Antonio Criscuolo & Francesco Decioe
Maths of origami in the primary school – Maria Luisa Spreafico & Emma Frigerio
Origami to model architecture – Caterina Cumino
Origami in kindergarden – Alessandra Lamio
Origami as a tool in preventing cognitive impairment in Seniors – Cristina Belló
Pythagoras and Origami – Fransesco Mancini
Subdivision into equal parts – Emma Frigario
The properties of the paper size 1:root2 – Antonio Criscuolo
Using origami to view and make tangible the inaccessible – Ursula Zich

2018 Papier falten und färben – Julia Schoenhuber
2018 Umulius Rectangulum Stovchen CP – Matthias Guth
2017 Homoludens (English) Nele Hatoum
2017 Homoludens (Deutsch) Nele Hatoum
2017 Arbeitsmaterialien (English) Nele Hatoum
2017 Arbeitsmaterialien (Deutsch) Nele Hatoum
2017 Reptiles – Nick Robinson
2015 Freiburg Workshop list
2015 Alphabetical chain of hearts – Anja Drews
2015 Chicken letterfold – Anja Drews
2015 Question and answer camellia – Anja Drews 
2015 Right angled isosceles triangle – Anja Drews
2015 World champion paper plane – Anja Drews
2015 Squaring the Circle- Kristina Burczyk
2014 Freiburg workshop list
2013 Freiburg workshop list
2013 Origami und Geschichte – Brigitte Lindemann
2013 Education Through Origami, My New Origami Book – Krystyna Burczyk, Wojciech Burczyk
2012 Freiburg workshops
2012 Recreations With Paper – Edwin Corrie
2012 Workshop ABC des Faltunterrichts – Nele Hatoum
2012 Simple Origami Decoration – Krystyna Burczyk, Wojciech Burczyk
2012 Ein Mitmachtheater mit den Papierkasperlepuppen – Petra Betscher und Ines Wewior
2011 Freiburg workshop list
2011 Origami Ring. A Starting Point to Math Problems. Krystyna & Wojtek Burczyk
2010 Freiburg workshoplis
2010 Die Kunst der Wiedterholung oder wie das Falten befreit – Nele Hatoum
2010 Twirl Kusudama a tool for polyhedra understanding – Krystyna & Wojciech Burczyk
2009 Freiburg workshop list
2009 Basteln oder Kunst – Hobby oder Beruf – Nele Hatoum
2009 Origami & Mathematics Mosaics – Krystyna Burczyk
2008 Freiburg workshop list
2008 Papier – Das Material – Nele Hatoum
2007 Freiburg workshop list
2007 Vom Falten mit den “ganz Großen und ganz Kleinen”
2007 Erziehung zur Ästhetik und zur Freude am Einfachen – Nele Hatoum
2006 Freiburg workshop list