Since last october I accorded with my 6-8 years old pupils in the weekly origami class in the Lycée Français in Barcelona, that at the begin of each class, one pupil will show a model to the other pupils. Children love frequently the role of the teacher, much more than the teacher love the role of the pupil. Sadly.
Until last week, each pupil prepared a model that learn from an origami book or from somebody, and show it to the other. Because the pupils don’t explain before which model they will teach, this moment is attended every week with a great expectation. After the teaching we all make one ritual applause.
Last week, Lucas prepared his model to teach to the other children, but he didn’t took it from an origami book or from another person: he create it. Because next 6th december will be the Santa Claus day, Lucas recreated it on this subject. When he show it, the others pupils protested and said it was too easy. He said „it is easy, but I created it“. I supported him and promoted the others to recreate the interpretation of Lucas, and they did it with full love, concentration, fantasy, and a lot of folding variations and draws. I show you here all the results. Can you guess which was the model of Lucas? Without doubt are teachers who learn and are educate from pupils, and not pupils from teachers.

Joan Sallas